Snowplowing Driveways 2023 – 2024

Secondary snow plowing services are available through The Town of Highland during the

2023 – 2024 winter season. This service may be useful to push back snow for homeowners who generally clear their own driveways and for absent property owners who wish minimal access for emergency vehicles if needed. If you want this service, please read the enclosed application form thoroughly then remove and return the completed and signed form with your payment.


Important: If your driveway must be kept clear of snow at all times then this service alone will not meet your needs. Driveways can be plowed only after all Town roads are cleared of snow and are safe for driving. If snow is heavy or occurs just before a weekend it may be several days before driveways can be plowed. Highland does not compete with local snow plowing contractors who are strongly recommended if your driveway must be clear at all times.


Also: Town plowing equipment is designed for town roads and is extremely large and heavy making it unreasonable to remove snow unless the following conditions are met. If these conditions cannot be met then The Town of Highland cannot provide plowing services.



  1. The driveway entrance from the Highway/Road must be at least 20 feet wide.
  2. The entire driveway (except at the entrance) must be at least 18 feet wide.
  3. Tree limbs must be trimmed to at least 14 feet high.
  4. Driveways must be clear of all obstructions, such as rocks, stumps, holes and washouts.
  5. All machines, toys, boats, cars, snowmobiles, etc. must be located off the driveway.
  6. An adequate turn around with supportive base material is needed for large equipment.
  7. Adequate space must be available to pile plowed snow throughout the snow season.


If your driveway does not meet all of the above criteria, then your money will be returned and your driveway cannot be plowed until the necessary improvements marked by red or yellow tags are completed. 



Snowplowing Form