Highland Memorial Cemetery

The Highland Memorial Cemetery is located at 12592 E. County Road S (approximately 2.5 miles west of State Highway 27).


The Highland Memorial Cemetery Association will sell:

A.    By lot, containing 6 grave sites, a lot being 11’ x 22’
Fee:  $100.00 per lot

B.    By individual grave(s), a grave site being 3’8” x 11’
Fee:  $100.00 per 1 grave site, or for up to 6 grave sites

Note:  The fee is established at $100.00 per deed.  A deed will be issued conveying one (1) lot containing six (6) grave sites, or conveying one (1) to six (6) grave sites within a specified lot.  Our deed format restricts conveyance to sites within one (1) lot.

Cremation Burial:  Two (2) cremation burials will be allowed per one (1) grave site.

Burial Costs:
A.    Regular Burial - $600.00
Frozen Ground Burial - $1500.00

B.    Cremation Burial - $200.00
Frozen Ground Cremation Burial - $300.00

Frozen Ground is considered from November 1 – April 30.  If ground is not frozen, Sexton can reduce cost to regular burial at his/her discretion.  The need for snow removal will also be taken into consideration

For more information regarding the cemetery contact:

Bob Johnson, Sexton
9608 S Sandmon Rd
Lake Nebagamon, WI  54849
(218) 349-5245
[email protected]