Recycling Center

The Recycling Center is open from Noon to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays. It is located at 9360 S. County Road S (next to the Highland Town Hall).

It accepts household garbage (non-hazardous) and all garbage should be bagged. Normal household recyclable items are also accepted.

Douglas County Clean Sweep and other information

As of January 1, 2011 there is a landfill ban on used oil filters and oily absorbents. However, used oil and filters can be brought to the Moccasin Mike Landfill or Solon Springs Transfer Station.

Misc. Recycling Info that may be helpful:


Tires and Waste Oil can be brought to Solon Springs Transfer Station or the Moccasin Mike Landfill for a fee.

Mattresses can be brought to the Moccasin Mike Landfill for a fee.

Furniture and appliances can be brought to the Solon Springs Transfer Station for a fee.

Any business that sells car batteries is required to take them back. They are also accepted at TLK Industries, 902 Ogden Ave, Superior (715) 392-6253 and Interstate Batteries, 426 John Ave, Superior (715) 392-1999.

Latex paint can be thrown in the garbage once it is dry. Open cans of paint and let them dry out or stir in oil absorbent/kitty litter to speed the drying time. Once dry, throw it in the garbage. Oil base paint needs to be disposed of at a Hazardous Waste Collection Site.

Rechargeable Batteries, Cell Phones and Ink Cartridges can be dropped off at the County Treasurer’s Office, 1313 Belknap St, Superior. Alkaline, non-rechargeable batteries can be put in the garbage.

Construction/Demolition debris must be brought to a construction landfill such as Lakehead Blacktop (715) 392-1989 or AA Roll-Off (715) 394-2174.

E Waste (televisions, computers, etc) are accepted at Recycle America-Waste Management, 1425 Oakes Ave, Superior (715) 394-2174, Balcum Appliance, 724 N 8th St, Superior (715) 392-4808, or AA Roll Off (715) 394-2174. All of these charge a fee, so call ahead!

Household Hazardous Waste should be stored in a safe place until the County Wide Collection Event held in June.

Solon Springs Transfer Station
South of Solon Springs on Holly Lucius Road, off Highway 53
Phone: (715) 378-2061

Moccasin Mike Landfill
Off Hwy 2 & 53 on Moccasin Mike Road
(715) 398-7222

Douglas County Recycling at
(715) 395-1293 or check out their website at

This list is a summary only. For more information please contact one of the above numbers or the Town Clerk at (715) 374-2046

Hypodermic needles cannot be disposed of in garbage or recycling containers. Douglas County residents may use the free sharps disposal. Register for this at the Duluth Clinic Pharmacy at SMDC-Superior, Tower Ave. Call 715 395 1293 for information about this program.

Fluorescent and HID Bulbs can be brought to Poplar Hardware or Campbell’s Lumber in Superior.