Driveway Snowplowing Notice


 The Town of Highland must discontinue its driveway plowing service beginning for the 2025-2026 winter season. The final year for the service will be this coming 2024-2025 season. There are many reasons why the town cannot continue the service.

Highland has kept this service while most other municipalities discontinued private driveway snow removal many years ago.  The state of Wisconsin discourages towns from providing the service. We have been careful to not compete with private contractors, but we get frequent requests to plow driveways before the roads have been cleared and on weekends even though our plowing agreement states that it may take several days to clear town roads before we can plow driveways. This is why the town price has been relatively affordable.

Municipalities are not organized like a private business to offer specialized plowing services such as fast reaction times and smaller plow trucks avoid driveway damage.  This issue was most apparent this past winter as the driveways were too soft to plow. Our cost was a fixed modest price and sometimes we experience very heavy snow, but we received some requests for refunds when plowing is minimal. We are not set up as a business, so this has become a distraction to our primary responsibilities.  

We will offer the service for one last winter to give residents plenty of time to find alternatives.